Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU

This link is an easy-to-understand guide on what happens now that the UK has voted to leave the European Union.

It includes definitive paras on: What does Brexit mean?  What was the referendum’s breakdown across the UK? What is the European Union (including a good mini-doco)?  Who is going to negotiate Britain’s exit from the EU?  What do “soft” and “hard” Brexit mean?  Will immigration be cut?  What does this mean for Scotland?  What does it mean for Northern Ireland?  Could MPs block an EU exit?

This is a MUST for all lower sixth, the article is informative, concise and covers about every angle on the political issue of your age – and AS course! Topics that you can gain Band III levels of assessment from this link in include:

Unit 1 – Referendums and Direct Democracy.

Unit 1 – Constitution. … Only the biggest constitutional change in this country this side of World War II!

Unit 1 – UK Parties. This referendum and how it will be rolled out is all about the Conservative Party and its internal politics.

Unit 2 – Prime Minister & Cabinet. Theresa May’s leadership will arguably be defined (before its really began) by Brexit. A new Minister has been appointed to carry it out, Boris is the Foreign Minister who’s got to help negotiate what he campaigned for.

Unit 2 – Parliament.  Ultimately parliament will have to pass whatever Brexit Acts are adopted by the government, which will be not walk in the park for May and the Tories, given the size of their majority.

Unit 2 – UK Judiciary.  Already the rights of EU nationals in the UK are jeopardised by Brexit, it’s a no brainer that an estimated 600-plus pieces of legislation needed to replace current EU laws will include regular appeals to the courts for clarity and the defence of the rights millions of Briton’s.

To conclude, this ‘All the need to know’ link is worth remembering, it’ll be worth returning to again and again over the coming year!