How many times has the Government been defeated in the House of Lords this session?

In answer to a question from a lower sixth student I thought this answer worth posting. Clearly relevant to Unit 2’s Parliament topic, e.g. questions on opposition in the unelected second chamber, the power of the Lords, parliamentary scrutiny, etc.. These stats may also be useful for Unit 2’s PM  & Cabinet topic too – e.g. questions on the power of a PM and his government, the weakness of his whip, or government in an era of small working majorities.

Anyway, Thanks to Milo J (AS politico) for the question; here’s the answer:

Session 2015-2016: Conservative Government. Number of defeats = 48 (as at 25 April 2016)*

List of Government defeats in previous sessions

Government Session Number of defeats
Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition 2014-2015             10
Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition 2013-2014             14
Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition 2012-2013             27
 Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition 2010-2012             48

*Am assuming the defeat yesterday (April 26th) over child refugees I blogged earlier today makes 49. … Interestingly this figure means that Cameron’s government has already been defeated in the Lords 48% as many times in one year as they faced in the seven years of power since taking over from Labour in 2010.

… Make of that what you will!?