Government defeated again in Lords – again…

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The government has been defeated again in the House of Lords yesterday (26th April), this time over calls to take in child refugees from Europe.

A new amendment to the Immigration Bill from Labour’s Lord Dubs was backed by 279 votes to 172.

It would force ministers to arrange the relocation of children who have made it to Europe into the UK, with the total number to be decided by the government.

Thanks to Miss J for this one… It’s a brief read, but useful as a good recent example that’s applicable to a number of different topics, for example:

Unit 2 Parliament ~

  • Is it acceptable that an unelected chamber can again stall or adapt government legislation on immigration, when the government have a mandate from last May’s election which clearly made immigration control a high priority for the winners and the voters?
  • This vote also demonstrates the limited power of the whip in the House of Lords.

Unit 1 Pressure Groups ~

  • Campaigners, like charity Save the Children, are central players in this controversial issue of child migrants and their voice is proving influential for many parliamentarians.

Unit 2 Judges & Civil Liberties ~

Unit 2 The Prime Minister & Cabinet ~

  • This is a good example of the limited power of PMs/ministers when it comes to both the courts and the upper chamber.

Anyway, have a look yourselves…