America isn’t more racist. It’s just shouting it instead of whispering

Much has been made about in the last couple of years about how America appears to be stuck in a new era of politics marked by ugly racial crime and poor race relations. It’s generally thought to have begun in the Obama years, reflected by the Tea Party surge into Congress in 2010 and represented now by Donald Trump’s wild popularity.

This article is worth a read for Unit 3 – Racial and Ethnic Politics in so far as it questions the perception that racial crime has indeed increased dramatically of late, arguing instead that the media and current election has hyped-up this perception.

There are some good stats. here useful for those level three responses you’re all aiming for. Additionally there’s a couple of links that delve deeper into this issue and Obama’s presidency in this respect (thus making it also pertinent to Unit 4’s Presidency topic too).

As an addition to the issue of race in the USA, this too is well worth looking at:

It’s stats-mungus full of demographic information and voting patterns – thus making it also very useful for Unit 3’s Elections topic too.

Root around and see for yourselves…