Super PAC Money & the 2016 Race (…so far!)

Upper Sixth USA students NEED to read this. It’s an article just out from the Washington Post and it makes for fascinating reading for all of you.

Especially significant for Unit 3’s Elections & Primaries topic, this gives you some excellent stats for revision.   As it states close to half of the money raised by super PACs to the end of February — 41 percent — came from just 50 mega-donors. This sort of assessment is pure level three stuff for questions requiring that sense of judgement on the primary process itself, the role of money and US elections, the on-going implications of that now infamous Citizens United case (2010), and wider evaluation of the health of US democracy itself (if so few can buy so much “free speech”?).

Similarly Unit 3’s Pressure Groups topic requires you to have a knowledge of organised groups, their tactics and resources, and the impact of lobbying/money in US politics. So this article applies here too.

The staggering amounts outlined here reflect how super PACs are now fundraising powerhouses just six years after they came on the scene. … Like I said, you NEED to read this: