US election 2016: Who’s funding who?

We need to thank Henry Muldoon (Yr13) for forwarding this very interesting and useful article into the current funding of the candidates in this years fascinating on-going presidential primary on the other side of the pond.

AS Unit 3 topics – US Elections & US Pressure Groups:

  • This is a really useful article as an insight into the latest round of elections that continue to add to the controversy that is money in US politics. Citizens Utd. (2010) may have concluded that money is free speech, but looking at some of these stats already (and it’s only March!) the 2016 race already is illustrating that ‘free speech in America is kinda expensive’, to quote the late Granny D (God rest her soul!).
  • According to the Center for Responsive Politics ( unsurprisingly 2016 will comfortably break all records for campaign financing (hard & soft money donations), pressure group funding, lobbying activities, 527 & 501 (c) groups etc. etc.
  • Bernie Sanders stands out currently as the man being funded by ‘the people’, but there’s two main problems with this simplistic interpretation. Firstly, following McCutcheon v. FEC (2014), ‘the people’ now includes Super PACs, lobbying/pressure group donations as well as corporations, unions and the über rich; and secondly, Bernie’s going to lose to Hillary anyway!

So in short – I urge all A2 politicos of US government & politics to read this – it’s very useful (thanks H!).