Alito, Ideology and Age on the Supreme Court

Alito –

Age on the SC –

The death of Scalia has thrown the Supreme Court, Congress and the Presidency in to the unknown somewhat. However in the midst of all this, this excellent article explores the role of Alito on the Court and the impact he has had – never more important following the death of Alito given that Alito was a right-wing replacement for a centrist justice, undermining the principle of like-for-like replacements which could give Obama some wiggle-room in his appointment.

There is excellent detail in here about the role of ideology on the Court, including a telling comment from Alito that he, “start[s] out with originalism” as his basis for decisions. It also talks about the similarities and differences between him and Roberts, which would be useful for students looking to identify that ideology is not the only factor a Justice will use when deciding a case.

The second article above (published before Scalia’s death) looks at the age of people on the Court.It is useful as the interviewer is trying to get Breyer to comment on whether who the President is is a factor wen considering retirement. Over and over Breyer does not answer the question underlining the point about judges seeing themselves as judges rather than political – useful for 45 marks on judicial vs political, or factors that influence the Court.