US Primaries 2016

As primary season is about to kick in with a vengeance, there are some fascinating articles looking at them which are relevant for students studying Unit 3 USA.

This wonderful article looks at one of the biggest failures of the primary system – the fact that, in reality, so few Americans will actually have a real say in the primaries. It discusses the importance of the first four primaries, giving the people of those states disproportionate influence over the whole process. The article is simple to read and highly recommended!

These two stories look at the Republican candidates, and the top of these two links compares all the candidates on handy ‘Top Trump’ cards! For students evaluating factors that make a candidate successful in elections or looking at factions within the Republican Party, this is a great article. The bottom link is a more in depth look at Trump himself.

In addition, if you haven’t watched Channel 4’s, ‘The Mad World of Donald Trump’ yet, why not?!