Judicial Review of Civil Partnerships


A couple has launched a judicial review against the Government saying that civil partnerships should be available to all couples in the UK, not just same-sex couples. Great example for Pressure Groups in Unit 1 and Judiciary in Unit 2.

As it stands in the UK, a heterosexual couple can only get married, be it in a church or as a more secular affair at at registry office. A same-sex couple however, after the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 can choose civil partnerships or a marriage. The couple in this article are arguing that this is unfair and they too should be able to have a civil partnership. The case itself is a great example of judicial reviw against the government – we will have to await the outcome to see who wins.

It is also a great example of Pressure Group action and the changing nature of such action as the couple have garnered 33,000 signatures in a petition on Change.org supporting them. this is a great example of either the growth of digital democracy/changing PG action, or maybe the growth of slacktivism.