Banning Donald Trump from the UK- A debate in Parliament

MPs held a debate in Westminster Hall this week, debating whether Donald Trump should  be banned from the UK given some of his recent comments in the run up to the US Presidential election. This is a great example for a whole bunch of topics in AS Politics.

Firstly, it can be used for Pressure Groups. The debate was a result of an e-petition which received over 500,000 signatures. This shows the changing nature of ‘pressure group’ action in a digital world. This could be used to show a growing impact on the one-hand, or a rise in slacktivism on the other.

Equally, it could be used to show the changes in how Parliament works for Unit 2. The advent of e-petitions has meant the government agreed to respond to signatures that gained over 10,000 signatures, and consider a debate on those with over 100,000. This could be used to show a growth of the representative nature of the UK Parliament and reform of the House of Commons to make it more modern.

It could also be used in a debate on democracy, particularly representative democracy. On the one hand MPs were clearly responding to the will of a sizable section of the UK population. On the other hand, the chances were that Donald Trump was not going to be banned as a result of this so perhaps it was four hours of MPs’ time where they could have been doing something useful for their constituents instead.