Representation in the Lords

The Commission on Religion and Belief in Public Life has published a report calling for fewer bishops in the Lords to make way for religious leaders of other faiths.

This is really useful in any discussion on Unit 2 Parliament topic, but also for Unit 1 Democracy. A common long answer question is whether the Lords is still in need of reform. A basic answer is simply yes/no; a better answer is looking at the reforms that have already taken place in the Lords and the role they play. In this instance, you could use this article to show the lack of functional representation in the Lords, but a bright student would note that the Commons is not much better.

Last year, there was a horrific question on which House was more in need of reform – Lords or Commons. While we hope it won’t come up again, this is still good evidence for the need of reform to the HoL.

Equally, this could be used in a discussion on how democratic the UK is – the HoL being unelected and unrepresentative of a multicultural society. Again, the best students may compare that the same is true of the HoC, but at least they are elected.