16/17 to get the vote?


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The House of Commons have rejected calls for 16/17 year olds to be given the vote in the coming EU referendum. Earlier this month the House of Lords voted that they should be allowed, highlighted the weakness of a government with a small majority. However the government defeated this by 303-253 by using Parliamentary rules which allowed the Commons to defeat it for financial reasons. The HoL is likely to table a new motion which would avoid this…the battle is not over!

What great evidence however for any question involving the role of the House of Lords. Depending on your view, you could argue this shows the unelected HoL has too much power, trying to force the elected HoC into a decision; or you could argue it is important that the HoL is unelected as they can combat the government majority in the Commons (which almost amounts to government sovereignty rather than Parliamentary sovereignty) in the interests of the underrepresented citizens.