Cameron’s Plane!

David Cameron is to get his own plane for official trips. It’s not perhaps as fancy as Air Force One and perhaps can be rationalised; for students of Politics however it is a prime example of the PM acting more like a president than like a PM which is part of a cabinet.

KEY – When comparing PM and ‘presidency’, be wary of comparing simply to Obama or to the US model of ‘the president’. The presidency is a theory – the elected president has an individual mandate, is elected separately, is the Head of State, and is the single accountable member of the executive. The PM, by comparison, is elected in a constituency as any normal MP, is part of a collective executive (PM & Cabinet) and is therefore collectively responsible, and does not have an individual mandate.

Therefore this is a good example of the PM trying to exercise the importance of his position over and above that of his cabinet and therefore appearing more like a president, not the president.