Supreme Court and Abortion

The Supreme Court are making waves this week by agreeing to hear a case on the limits that Texas has placed on abortions, known as HB2. The law has placed such harsh restrictions on abortion clinics in Texas that the number has steadily reduced, from 41 before this law, to 18 currently, and maybe just 9 or 10 once the law is fully enforced.

This is a brilliant example of the kind of cases the Supreme Court chooses to hear, and certainly could pose a challenge to the view that the Roberts Court is a conservative activist court (although, of course, the ruling may yet prove this to be true!). It will be an interesting one to watch in terms of stare decisis as well – will the court continue to defend Roe v Wade (1973) or will they chip away at it further?

It is also a good example for the far reaching impact of the court – if they chose to strike down this law it would have a direct impact on abortion clinics in 7 other U.S. states – a great example for federalism and the power of the Supreme Court.(an imperial judiciary?).

For this example to be really useful, we await the outcome. However there is still some use in knowing about this case before then.