Labour fiscal charter U-turn

Wow! So Corbyn’s Labour party continues to develop its own identity as a break away from the New Labour years of Blair, Brown & Milliband (remember him?), or a return to the 1980s!?

The news that the party is to u-turn on its post-banking crisis (2008) commitment to ‘balance the countries financial books’ by conducting its own cuts to state spending has taken many by storm – especially those on the right of the Labour Party (which means most of the current Parliamentary party in Westminster). This announcement and article is a gift for those who have long struggled in AS UK politics to find ‘clear blue water’ between the main parties when it comes to assessing Party Policies & Ideas (Unit 1).

It explains the policy u-turn, but also helps clarify what terms like ‘austerity cuts’ and ‘balancing the books’ actually means. In addition to being a simple (but hugely significant) policy difference between the current Tories and Labour parties, it also has plenty of scope for supporting answers you may do on a range of Key Concepts within this topic ~ for example Factionalism, Left/Right, Adversary Politics, Socialism etc… Read it, you’ll be glad you did!!