Supreme Court 2015-16

A liberal disaster in waiting 2015-16?

The ugly fights ahead on the court in 2015-16 –

Supreme Court Justices get more liberal as they get older –

Evaluation of 10 years of John Roberts as Chief Justice:

As the Supreme Court goes back to work, their are lots of pieces about the cases they have chosen to take on and what potentially lies in store for the year ahead. Important cases about affirmative action, unions and legislative representation are all up for debate in the early part of the Supreme Court year and could be landmark rulings for students to know.

There are also pieces looking at the Justices themselves. One of the pieces shows that justices have tended towards more liberal decisions as they have aged (important given the current ages on the court!!) and the other two evaluate the court under Chief Justice John Roberts since 2005. Thee are particularly interesting as one suggest he defies labels such as conservative or liberal, where as the second labels him as a staunch conservative. This would be useful for students looking at the impact and importance of ideology on the Court.

Either way, expect more Supreme Court posts this year as it is my favourite topic!!