A Federal Bureaucracy that ‘looks like America’?



Obama has made headlines recently by appointing the first openly gay man to head the military branch, a branch that until recently did not allow gays and lesbians to serve openly. However, this article underlines that, more than that, he has appointed the most diverse Federal Bureaucracy in history, with 53.5% of his appointments going to minorities and women.

This would be really useful evidence for a student considering the restrictions placed on a president when making appointments. Often referred to as the EGG formula (Ethnicity, Gender, Geography), it is important for a president to make appointments that reflect the make up of the US population in order for him to appear more ‘in touch’ This was emphasised by Clinton’s quote that he wanted a cabinet that ‘looked like America’ but as time has marched on, so has the growing diversity within Presidential appointments.

It could also be used as evidence for students in Unit 3 looking at the civil rights topic – this could be looking at the pressure the first black president has face din terms of minority appointments but also in terms of how far America has come in terms of equality.