Government’s ‘Fast Track’ Removal of Asylum Seekers Halted by the Court of Appeal

26th June – The Court of Appeal has supported the High Court’s earlier ruling that the governments ‘fast track’ return of failed asylum seekers is unlawful. This is a cracking example of the inherent tensions that can exist between the judiciary and elected government for all AS Unit 2 students of the Judges & Civil Liberties topic.

Theresa May and the government remain committed to getting immigration numbers down (after their dismal failure to reach Cameron’s own goals in the run-up to the general election in May), but in his ruling Lord Justice Sullivan said that the fast tracking process was structurally flawed and a “horrible waste of money”.

The government’s commitment to accelerate failed asylum seekers has been beset with problems due to civil liberties and human rights issues in the courts. The charity Detention Action (a pressure group established to defend, as they see it, the rights of asylum seekers in the courts), were delighted – and these too are a good example for students to talk about in this topic, or Unit 1’s Pressure Group topic. Have a look yourself…