The Conservatives and the Queen’s Speech 2015

This article gives a blow by blow account of the bills that were outlined in the Queen’s speech. A quic read should highlight some examples you can use to show how they are fulfilling manifesto/election promises (e.g. EU referendum), how they are sticking to traditional Tory policies (e.g. Enterprise Bill reducing regulation on small businesses, or the welfare cap in the Full Employment and Welfare Benefits Bill) and some less traditional Tory ideas such as proposing an independent regulator for Oil and Gas.

There is a good number of devolution issues raised here – not just the Welsh, N.I. and Scottish Bills, but also planned devolution to cities as well as devolution to local authorities about wind farms – this would be useful in any question about the location of sovereignty in the UK.

There is also a good number of bills clearly designed to placate the right wing of the party (remember that Cameron has 66 members of the 1922 committee to deal with!) – the Psychoactive Substances Bill and the Extremism Bill to name but a few.

Excellent evidence all round for parties and for the impact that the formation of a single party has had – think of what might have been in the Queen’s Speech had there been another coalition!