Loretta Lynch confirmed (and Strom Thurmond wrestled another Senator!)



After 161 days of delay, wrangling, arguing and outright refusal, Loretta Lynch has finally been confirmed by Congress. You should have been following this story from the other blog posts on here (https://lgspolitics.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/dysfunction-in-dc/ and https://lgspolitics.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/clearing-capitol-hill-chaos/) and this makes up the final piece in this puzzle.

These two articles from the Washington Post explore the confirmation from beginning to end. Interesting the second article looks at confirmation delays under the last few presidents which could prove useful evidence for congressional committees either doing their job of scrutiny or failing to by playing party politics.

Also in the second article, for a bit of light relief, is a story about Strom Thurmond in 1964 who literally wrestled another Senator to prevent him from taking part in a confirmation hearing! So, I suppose, we can at least be thankful that Reid and McConnell have not resorted to this yet.