OFCOM says Greens are not a ‘major party’


In the UK, paid political advertising on TV is banned – instead each party gets an allocation of time based on their status as a party. A revised list issued today classifies UKIP as a ‘major party’ whilst the Greens are not. In order to be a ‘major party’ a party needs a ‘significant level of support’; the definition of this is not outlined however. Yet to be entitled to one broadcast, parties simply need to be standing in at least one sixth of the seats in Parliament (i.e. 109 seats).

This would be useful for parties and especially for third parties and what may make them successful or not. It would also be useful to compare to the definition of a party system – the number or parties with a realistic chance of forming government. With many pollsters suggesting 2015 will once again be a hung Parliament, it could be argued that the number of parties with a realistic chance of forming government in considerably higher than it has been in the last hundred years…