The Senate’s pre-emptive Iran strike

In a bid to undermine the President, 47 Republican Senators, from across the spectrum within the party, signed an open letter to Obama this week pledging to undo any agreement he might make with Iran regarding their nuclear programme. This is swiftly off the back of the speech given in Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Congress which Obama was quick to rebuke as containing ‘nothing new’.

This is a really good example for a wide range of topics. Firstly for the importance of individual senators rather than the leadership but an equally important demonstration that parties remain important in Congress and even in the Senate. It is also a clear attempt to regain some power to Congress and notably some power over foreign policy. Obama’s reaction too was notable ‘mocking’ the letter (according to the BBC) and demonstrating the friction and lack of bipartisanship that exists in Washington DC currently.

An unusual letter and a cracking example – definitely read the Washington Post article!