Homeland Security gets funded, and Boehner takes fire


Boehner ‘blinked’ last night and allowed the Department of Homeland Security to be fully funded, after the recent stand off in Congress. The story is a simple one but it’s uses and implications are far reaching:

– Great example of the lack of bipartisanship further developing in the final two years of Obama’s presidency

– It shows the importance/power of the leadership in Congress, specifically the House of Reps. Boehner was the big stopper on this bill passing and it was him who then moved to allow it to pass. This is incredibly useful evidence for the leadership in Congress questions

– It reaffirms the House of Reps supremacy over money bills. While you must remember that the House only initiates money bills, ultimately (constitutionally) the balance of this power does rest slightly more with them

– As for parties, John Boehner has taken fire (again) from his own side for being too giving. Hardline Republicans are unhappy that he has gained no concessions from this stand off and only 75 Republicans voted for this bill. His inability to control his own party could be used to show both the lack of power that the leadership in Congress as well as the importance of factions within parties.