The Freedom of Imformation Act – impact assessment

10 Years of Freedom of Information in the UK: Tony, Tension and Turbulence

When it comes to constitutional reform in the UK, students are good at naming the changes that have taken place but not the impact that these changes have had. One of the major changes was the passage of the Freedom of Information Act. much like House of Lords reform, this reform to the UK was only partially completed. Part 1 of the Act was designed to allow individuals to see information that was held about them and this works reasonably successfully, it could be argued. Part 2 was meant to allow individuals greater freedom to see the inner workings of government; this was not implemented as evidenced by Blair’s refusal to allow the Iraq War Cabinet minutes to be publicly released.

These two articles look at things that have been uncovered as a result of the Freedom of Information Act – this is particularly important as they give you information about each one (rather than just name dropping them as so many students have a tendency to do!).

The UCL’s Constitution Unit Blog goes further than this and looks at the tension this has caused rather than just a statistical analysis. This article is really aimed at those looking to deepen their understanding that little bit further. (This blog is a great source of information for the whole of the Constitution topic in Unit 2!)