Off to the races – only 122 days to go until the General Election.

BBC Screenshot 05-01-15

With 122 days until the General Election to go, the starters gun seems to have been fired. The news outlets have been leading all day with the spat between Labour and the Conservative over proposed spending plans post the 2015 election, with cabinet and shadow cabinet ministers having occupied much of the TV time today defending their parties position and critising the other. The screenshot (above) was taken from the BBC News Channel earlier this evening, and demonstrates the hype over the upcoming election – anyone would think the election was absolutely imminent!

This has a two-fold relevance for exams. Firstly, again, it shows the importance of the Fixed Term Parliament Act – we absolutely know when the next election is going to be. That said, even before this Act, Parliament was limited to a maximum term of five years, so Labour would be expecting an election to be called next May.

Secondly, example after example of what these parties stand for – manifetso pledges are beginning to come thick and fast. This is crucial fodder for any work on UK parties, and could be used as evidence in any longer answer question over policy of these parties.

It seems we are to be inundated in the run up to the elections, so updates on here will be sparse. In this instance however, at what appears to be the ‘official’ beginning of the race, the above screenshot seems to set the tone for what has begun as a negative campaign.