A new Conservative Logo?

Opening up to the Conservative Party website, there is perhaps not too much to surprise…graphs showing improvement in the number of jobs and questionnaires to show how their economic plan has helped individuals. But tucked away in the top corner is their logo…

Conservative Logo…a subtle change here, with the oak tree; the oak tree that first made news in 2006 for replacing the torch, and again in 2007 when it turned from green to blue. But now, with no news stories that we could find, it has taken on the appearance of a Union Jack.

This could be used as great evidence as a potential push to realignment within the party – just think of the trouble Cameron has had over the EU with his backbenchers. It could also be used as an example for the very real impact of UKIP and the threat they have created. To be clear, as in other posts, UKIP are still far away from being considered part of the party system, where the definition is ‘number of parties with a realistic chance of forming government’; the fear amongst the major parties that they have created is very real, however, as this evidences.