The Ferguson Decision

The decision by a Grand Jury not to bring charges against the police office who shot Michael Brown in august has sparked riots in Ferguson and across cities in America. It raises useful evidence for the role of interest groups – the NAACP had filed 5 complaints with the US Dept of Justice regarding this police force before this shooting. Equally, they claim this police force routinely using racial profiling as part of their policing. It also would be useful in an essay discussing how equal America is today – the election of Obama led to questions over whether affirmative action had had it’s day and that America was now truly equal…this doesn’t appear to be the case.

For the study of Congress, the structure and role of caucuses (not to be confused with elections) topic!) can be troublesome, but in this instance, the Black Congressional Caucus has come out very critically about the Ferguson decision.

Finally, there is the perennial question of gun control…!