Labour’s plans for EU Migrants

Labour have put forward plans that EU migrants to Britain would have to wait two years before they can claim benefits, rather than the current three months. This is a great example of party policies and could be compared to ‘traditional’ Labour party policies in an examination. In fact, ‘parties’ is the least popular topic across the country on Unit 1 but I would argue that with the election fixed for May next year and electioneering in full swing, it is possible to have a huge amount of evidence ready for this question, more so than in previous years.

This could be seen as a response to the issues that have been raised by UKIP, and following the loss of Labour votes to UKIP in Rochester and Strood, Labour will be keen to ensure they hold their traditional voters. It could also be seen as a response to divisions over Europe in the Conservative Party and a way to exploit these. Finally, it obviously has ties to the European Court of Justice ruling this week on ‘benefit tourism’ (see earlier blog post).