Wales and the Voting Age

Wales has proposed lowering the voting age to 16 for an upcoming referendum on tax-varying powers…itself this should not be too difficult to sue as an example! However, it could be used in numerous ways:

– Democracy (Unit 1): Traditionally, the exam board have rejected the idea that lowering the voting age will increase turn out. The reason for this is that turnout amongst young people is the worst of any voting age group. However the Scottish referendum showed that young people are far from apathetic about politics and maybe lowering the voting age would encourage them to turnout.

– Democracy (Unit 1): Referendums – once again we see the increasing spread of referendums across the UK

– Democracy (Unit 1): Decentralisation – pluralism and elitism are topics of choice at the most, looking at the dispersal or centralisation of power respectively. The more events such as this which occur, the greater argument that power in the UK is being decentralised.

– Devolution – Why does Wales want tax-varying powers? Most of you will have explored WHY devolution happened in the first place (Thatcher/North Sea Oil/SNP/Patriotism/etc) and you must ask yourself why Wales wants tax-varying powers…