At De Montfort yesterday, you will have heard much discussion over the turnout statistics for the 2014 mid-terms. While the outcome of these mid-terms is clearly unpleasant for the Democrats, there are mitigating factors which must be explored. There is already a post outlining their vulnerability in the number of seats the Democrats had to defend, but his article explores how the demographics of the voting groups that turned out was also problematic for the Democrats. In short, some of their key voting groups failed to turn out. Some of this is ‘traditional’ in the sense of the sixth year of a presidency being seen as a ‘referendum’ on that presidency. Some of it is equally ‘traditional’ in the sense that turnout at mid-terms (36.3% this time around) is always markedly lower than in a presidential year. However the groups that did not turn out for the Democrats could also be argued to be those which are most disillusioned by the actions of the Obama administration, and those who turned out to put him in office, have not done so to keep the Democrats in control.