The ECJ and ‘benefit tourism’

After several months trying to hold together his own backbenchers, Cameron must have been delighted today at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) put forward it’s ruling on ‘benefit tourism’. Cameron had long been fighting to put restrictions on those immigrants who were coming to the UK and then claiming benefits – this has been particularly important given the Eurosceptics he faces on the right of his party and the growing threat of UKIP. In this case, the Court backed Germany’s attempt to limit benefits that migrants could claim; this could set a precedent for Cameron to do the same thing in the UK.

The huge irony here, of course, is that the very institution some within his own party are reviling, is the same institution ruling in their favour in this case!

Useful evidence also for the supporting the idea that the UK has ‘pooled’ sovereignty with the EU and for the impact of courts.