Obama, Immigration and Executive Orders – post 2014 mid-terms


Further to the post below (regarding Boehner suing Obama over executive orders), this story has just appeared on the news – Obama using executive orders to change immigrations laws in the US, stating that Congress had had enough time to act.

It is worth remembering that the Supreme Court can strike down executive orders as they did to Truman’s executive order 10340. It is also worth remembering that the reason they did this was that executive orders are not supposed to create new legislation…so Obama has to tread carefully.

This, however, would be great evidence both for the powers of the President in unit 4, and the Civil Rights section of Unit 3. The more cynical amongst you could also point out the importance of this given the changing demographic of the US electorate (with 30% expected to be Hispanic by 2050) and the failure of Congress before the mid-terms to reach agreement on immigration reform (see blog posts on the Gang of 8).