Conservatives and Human Rights

The Conservative Party have made indications that, should they be elected next year, they plan on scrapping the Human Rights Act to be replaced with a British Bill of Rights. The implications of this are vast and wide ranging but hold a good number of useful examples.

Firstly, this is touted as some as a reaction to Europe and the threat from UKIP. This must be pointed out to be erroneous. The UK Human Rights Act is based on the European Convention on Human Rights, from the Council of Europe (of which the UK was a founding member), NOT the EU. Therefore, even if the UK were to leave the EU it would not remove the obligation to Council of Europe.

Equally, it is a useful example as there are a huge number of pressure groups that object to this, such as Liberty. (

Finally, it is useful to see this as an impact of the Fixed Term Parliament Act – now that everyone knows when every election will be, it is much easier for parties to get electioneering much earlier.