PM and Presidentialism

Whether our PM is now a president has proved a popular question in the past – it really amount to two key areas. Firstly, contrasting the role and importance of the cabinet. Secondly, looking at the difference in how he handles domestic and foreign policy. In the latter, it is possible to say he is acting presidentially in one area but not another (a very good A02 distinction).

In this case, the leaders of NATO have been meeting in Wales and the pictures and general feeling within this article represent a definite presidentialism of the UK PM. This therefore would be a good example of how he has acted presidentially.

In contrast, do remember that he lost the vote on Syria in the House of Commons last year, therefore he may be able to act presidentially on foreign policy outside of the House of Commons, but within it’s walls they have demonstrated their ability to reign in his power.

All of this back and forth analysis is excellent A02 fodder.