Congress returns–and-no-shutdown-drama/2014/09/04/3575a1ce-346b-11e4-a723-fa3895a25d02_story.html

After the summer break, Congress is shortly to return and this article provides great evidence for topics across the US course. Initially, they have to avoid a government shutdown…

“And there’s been concern that the lack of agreement on virtually anything in recent months might lead to another shutdown — especially with fewer than 15 days of legislative work scheduled this month.”

…This lack of bipartisanship is great evidence for failures of the Constitution, which has bipartisanship at it’s very heart. It also provides evidence for the topic of Congress and how effectively Congress works. Issues such as Obama’s use of executive authority to overhaul immigration policy, which Congress have so far failed to do, also provides excellent evidence for Unit 4. Equally the decisions that Obama is weighing on the Islamic State in Iraq provide evidence for looking at the imperilled or imperial presidency. All of this whilst mid-terms are looming on the horizon which will give evidence for Unit 3!

This really is a one-stop shop for supporting evidence, and well worth a read.