2016’s Invisable Primary…?

It’s been 16 years since President Bill Clinton “did not have sex with that woman”, but Monica Lewinsky has said yesterday (6th May) that it is time to burry that blue dress; the thing is it – and the affair that nearly impeached a US president – is back in the news… So what? …Well EVERYTHING has meaning in politics. In March (‘14) Hilary (the “glass ceiling breaker” for the concept of a first woman president in 2008) gave her strongest hint yet that she may run again for the Democrats in 2016, yet now ugly memories of the Lewinsky affair are back in the news.

There’s two ways of looking at this: On the one hand it’s bad news for Hilary and the Democrats (reminding everyone of the less savoury aspects of the Clinton years in the White House). However, on the other if Monica really wanted to do Hilary’s possible campaign harm, talking to Vanity Fair now is better than nearer the mid-terms or after Hilary has thrown her hat into the 2016 ring. You decide.

This is not a big story, but worthy of posting as an insight into the on-going lengths of modern invisible primaries – especially in an open race like 2016! (Contextual reading for Unit 3’s Elections & Voting topic).