The out-of-control bureaucracy

While it should not be the named subject of a 45 mark question, the federal bureaucracy and control of it can often cause problems for students. To begin with, remember to distinguish between EXOP (WHO, OMB, NSC), the Cabinet, and the Federal Bureaucracy (Departments, Agencies, Commissions and Corporations). The further through the list of things that make up the FB you get, the further removed from White House control they are.

In this instance, this article explores an attempt to control the Bureaucracy by getting them to write reports on their actions. However this now amounts to 4,291 annual reports to Congress, most of which will not get read but take up valuable time, manpower and money to create. This is exactly the reason that many Americans do not trust/like to FB – it is a slow, expensive body that seems to achieve little but has unchecked power. I heartily recommend this article for some good evidence on the FB and the problems of it.