Lobbying (usually part of the Pressure Group topic) is something that often vexes students. Provided you have watched the Panorama on lobbying you should be well away with this topic (it can be found here at the timing of writing -> http://movzap.com/2rvrnd8dwgxz or http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b02xrksz/Panorama_Cash_for_Questions_Undercover/).

This story just shows that, despite Cameron claiming lobbying is ‘the next big scandal waiting to happen’ and promising to do something about it, there is still no lobbying reform. This could be used as an example with Parliament in Unit 2 to show the lack of scrutiny and accountability, or in Unit 1 to show how PGs can access the Govt and why this is not always in-keeping with democracy.