Bingo and Beer – what we all enjoy…?

A great example for Parties came this week, in the form of George Osbourne’s budget. Many have touted that this budget was a clear example of electioneering, being that it is the last budget that will have an impact in people’s pockets before an election. This would only be possible given the Fixed Term parliament Act which gives you some indication of the importance of this new act.

The controversy raised by Grant Shapps’ poster has been fascinating in terms of party politics however. The poster, which featured on Twitter and was not endorsed by the wider party (or will be seen again!) claimed that the Tories were allowing hard working people to do more of what they enjoyed – drinking beer and playing bingo. Much was made by Ed Balls of the reference to the ‘hard working people’ as ‘them’, claiming this further reinforced the divide between the Tories and the ‘real’ people and that the idea that the average person drank and played bingo was patronising. This is such great evidence for electioneering and for the role of party ideology and who they are trying to appeal to.