2014 Budget – a campaigning tool??

The 2014 budget itself is a useful example from which you could dig examples for party politics. A couple of notable points do leap out however.

There is a notable appeal to the ‘grey’ vote with the reform of pensions – being key Tory voters and with the percentage of this age group that do turn out on election day, perhaps this could be seen as gearing up for an election in 2015. Equally, the beer duty and fuel duty being lowered and frozen is a clear appeal to the Tories favoured new target – ‘hard working people’. There is a noticeable avoidance of the terms middle or working class in much of the analysis surrounding the budget as the lines between these classes have becoming increasingly blurred. A raise in the amount that can be earned before tax however is a clear appeal to those on lower incomes who perhaps could usually be expected to vote Labour.