The Floods…

The Floods…

For weeks, we have heard little on the news except for the extensive floods across the UK and the weather forecasts predicting yet more rain. But this can be utilised to the advantage of an A Level Politics student.

This article demonstrates what could be deemed to be the presidentialism of the PM – him needing to turn up to be seen in flooded areas, when in reality what is his presence going to add? (The alternative, of staying in London and orchestrating a response could equally lead to calls that he was not doing enough – a lose-lose situation). However, the pictures are important; whilst they have been the subject of much ridicule ( they are also important in the perception of the power of the PM.

They are also important in terms of party politics – everyone came to play, including Nigel Farage. Perhaps arguably, with all parties knowing the dates of the coming election in 2015, this is an ideal opportunity to get in touch with the voter and earn some valuable media time.

Equally, the importance of those around the PM became clear, with his reliance on COBRA being evident. Others, such as the Environment Minister, faced Urgent Questions in the House of Commons – a good example of the accountability and scrutiny that Parliament carry out on the Government.

So…a rather useful example!