Frack off!

Frack off!

Pressure Groups is the single most popular topic on Unit 1 for Government and Politics students but every year the same old examples are rehashed…Fathers4Justice over and over again!

This year has seen two major PG events which should now form the backbone of your example material – Fracking and the Badger Cull.

In this article, the Economist has reviewed the chances of the Green Movement in the case of fracking. It is a fascinating example with a New Social Movement using digital resources to set up shop against big business (which in itself can be seen to act as a PG). One of the key factors determined PG success is your opposition, and Cuadrilla have proved resilient despite an initial stumble. Indeed, the government’s decision to give local councils money to allow fracking suggests that big business has, perhaps unsurprisingly, the upper hand here.

In addition, this Guardian article looks at the protests themselves, giving you plenty of evidence for 25 mark questions on the PG topic –