The Senate vote to consider ENDA

A great example from Congress this week that can be used for both the Congressional topic and Civil Rights is the advancement of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the Senate. This piece of legislation would make it illegal to discriminate against workers based on their sexuality and has failed many times in the previous two decades and it is therefore notable for your civil rights section.

For Congress, firstly, it passed with 7 Republicans and 54 Democrats which is dually important. Firstly it is a demonstration of some level of bipartisanship, or at least being willing to not vote with one’s party all the time. Secondly, 61 is the magic number in the Senate, providing a filibuster proof majority which should enable the law to pass with (relative) ease.

None the less, Boehner has said regardless of it’s success in the Senate, he will not introduce it to the House, which is a great example of the power of the Speaker. Additionally, it speaks to the problems of divided government that the Separation of Powers in the Constitution leads to. A great example all around therefore; use it!