Syria, and ‘that’ vote in Parliament

The day where it all appeared to go wrong for David Cameron: pulling Parliament back from their holidays early to vote on action in Syria; promised support from Ed Miliband who then u-turned; with ministers upstairs and a poor job from the whips…he lost the vote. The impact of this is yet to be seen fully, but why did it go so wrong? Was it savvy political maneuvering on the part of Miliband? Was it that the whips did not do their job properly? Was it the fear of the awfully long shadow cast from the Iraq war and Tony Blair’s lack of Parliamentary consultation? All of these questions make the Syria vote an outstanding example for pressure groups, the PM, Parliament and parties…and why learn four examples when one serves all these purposes! Make sure you know the ins and outs of this story…it promises to rumble on and will doubtless provide more important evidence for those AO1 knowledge and AO2 evaluative marks.