The Tories and the EU referendum bill (video)

13 May 13 – Tories’ European Union referendum bill explained

A 90 second video that explains beautifully what the Tories are proposing with the EU referendum bill that Cameron has now drawn up, how it would be introduced to Parliament as a Private Members’ Bill, and the reception from the Tory backbenchers. Great evidence for parties in Unit 1, but also for Parliament in Unit 2. You could use it as evidence for how a bill becomes a law, but also for evidence of how the Coalition has affected the government/Parliament relationship; in the past, Government could just force a bill through. Now, Cameron can’t as the Lib Dems won’t allow him to use Government time to discuss the bill as they disagree with it. Think about the power changes the Coalition has therefore brought about. Also, think about how this may affect the ‘power’ that Cameron has as a PM – is he a PM or a President?