Immigration Reform and the Committee Process

9 May 2013 – Senators clash over border security proposals in immigration bill

Immigration reform, or lack thereof, is a hot topic with the exam board and this article explores further the bill going through the Senate (see previous posts regarding the ‘Gang of 8’). However, particularly important with the article is it shows a bill going through the committee process; it shows the kind of amendments added, the distress caused, the difficulty in getting a bill out of committee and the lack of bipartisanship. This is great evidence for ‘how a bill becomes a law’ but also for committee/committee chairmen questions.

Interestingly, Sen. Grassley (R) of Iowa (our stock example of being on the most important committee for your state, as he’s from Iowa and therefore on the Agriculture committee) tabled an amendment requiring federal law enforcement taking control of the entire border – an interesting example as it seems to suggest a Republican favouring federal government. Obviously, this needs qualification, but useful in terms of the divisions within parties/ideology.