Party Systems in the UK

3 May 2013 – Green Party leader Natalie Bennett sees end of three-party system

Following the local elections there have been rumblings as to the party system that operates in the UK. REMEMBER – party systems are NOT systems that are chosen, they are usually the result of the electoral system that is being used.

Traditionally, we refer to, ‘one party’, ‘two party’ (i.e. Westminster) and ‘multi-party’ (i.e Wales/Scotland/etc). The exam board however recently made reference to a ‘two-and-a-half party’ system, referring to the rise of the Lib Dems and a move away from the traditional FPTP ‘two party’ system. The Sun, following the elections, made reference to a ‘four party’ system, talking about the rise of UKIP. This article discusses the potential demise of the ‘three party’ system as the rise in voter alignment to one party continues to fall.